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“Believe women” is not only about sexual assault

I have learned, almost unconsciously, that I have to fight almost constantly for people to listen to what I have to say or take my ideas seriously. Confident young men are assumed to know what they are talking about until proven otherwise, but confident young women are assumed to not know what we are talking about until we prove ourselves. Continue reading

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Sophie Grégoire Trudeau needs to stop talking about mental health

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau’s approach to mental health is completely individualist, over-simplistic and useless for most of us who struggle with anxiety, depression, and trauma. It’s also not new. Continue reading

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The University of Ottawa yoga controversy: a disabled person’s response

The recent wave of media coverage of the cancellation of a yoga class at the University of Ottawa is a perfect illustration of everything that is wrong with mainstream media. Some context: sometime last week, the Centre for Students with Disabilities … Continue reading

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Liberal feminist independence and my struggle against internalized ableism

As a disabled person, I have often trouble letting people do things for me. It’s a part of my internalized ableism. The things I need are always changing. When my anxiety is bad, I’ll ask a friend to come hang … Continue reading

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