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Let’s talk about the fact that a doctor recommended murdering a patient

The case of Candice Lewis demonstrates how Canada’s system is being set up to allow the murder of disabled people. Continue reading

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Call for submissions: stories about living with Nonverbal Learning Disorder

People who self-identify as having nonverbal learning disorder are invited to submit stories to be a part of a zine. Continue reading

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Larger class sizes hit kids with learning disabilities where it hurts

Until now, kindergarten to grade 3 classrooms in Manitoba, where I live, have been limited to 20 students each. Yesterday the provincial government announced they would remove the cap, and allow individual school boards to decide for themselves what is an … Continue reading

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“Believe women” is not only about sexual assault

I have learned, almost unconsciously, that I have to fight almost constantly for people to listen to what I have to say or take my ideas seriously. Confident young men are assumed to know what they are talking about until proven otherwise, but confident young women are assumed to not know what we are talking about until we prove ourselves. Continue reading

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Five unhelpful things I wish people would stop saying to me

When people say “you seem normal”, it just sounds like they are afraid of neurodivergence and “crazy” people. It’s a veiled form of ableism. Continue reading

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Reflections on public pain and collective rage at the end of 2016

I’ve cried in public more times than I can count. I’ve cried openly on the bus after saying goodbye to a loved one, I’ve cried at parties, and I’ve cried at work. Yesterday I sat in a coffee shop and … Continue reading

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Sophie GrĂ©goire Trudeau needs to stop talking about mental health

Sophie GrĂ©goire Trudeau’s approach to mental health is completely individualist, over-simplistic and useless for most of us who struggle with anxiety, depression, and trauma. It’s also not new. Continue reading

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